Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Once there was a little girl
sitting beneath a tree
dreaming about those flights
over mountains, streams and seas
but she knows she can't fly
over vast endless skies
because her wings are only made of dreams.

Once there was a little bird
living in a tree
making all those flights
over mountains, streams and seas
and he knows he can fly through the
vast endless skies
because he wings are his reality.

Once there was a little girl
sitting beneath a tree
she looked up at the bird
who said fly away with me
but as hard as she tried
her wistful wings would not fly
and the bird flew to a land far away.

So if ever you should sit and think
while sitting beneath a tree
dream all that you'd like
of mountains, streams and seas
but you'll never fly away to these places to say
because those dreams, they were never meant to be.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Medical Miracles or just Mistakes

Who hasn't heard of that amazing story - the one where they are about to operate and decide to scan one more time. Miraculously the growth has dissappeared! Usually these true stories accompany shiurim on the power of tefilla, emuna, and bitachon.

How many of those 'miracles' might be mistakes?

This current pregnancy started with a real rollercoaster ride. The inital ultrasound technician confirmed that there had been a pregnancy - but that there was no fetus to be found. A follow up call to my doctor, and we prepared to rid my body of the pregnancy leftovers. I was to come see him in the morning.

Next morning's ultrasound shows a healthy 8 week old little blob with a heartbeat.
Well, imagine the emotional drama..ooops pregnant- Why Hashem?...well not really - Why Hashem?... yup, pregnant - Oh um Thanks Hashem? Obviously we are meant to learn from every experience - no taanos on how Hashem wants to run His world- every minute of it but..

Medical Miracle?
Or in my dr.'s words,"NO way was that not there yesterday afternoon!". So - umm this technician needs to go back to school?

(We obviously don't trust our doctors too much, as I recently read an article about some sort of temporary tattoo used to externally mark the patient before surgery in cases where there are 2 of whatever needs to be operated on....This tattoo is becoming policy in that hospital.)

So I was thinking. How often is human error the 'cause' of a medical miracle?