Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Once there was a little girl
sitting beneath a tree
dreaming about those flights
over mountains, streams and seas
but she knows she can't fly
over vast endless skies
because her wings are only made of dreams.

Once there was a little bird
living in a tree
making all those flights
over mountains, streams and seas
and he knows he can fly through the
vast endless skies
because he wings are his reality.

Once there was a little girl
sitting beneath a tree
she looked up at the bird
who said fly away with me
but as hard as she tried
her wistful wings would not fly
and the bird flew to a land far away.

So if ever you should sit and think
while sitting beneath a tree
dream all that you'd like
of mountains, streams and seas
but you'll never fly away to these places to say
because those dreams, they were never meant to be.


Anonymous said...

What happened?

frumhouse said...

This sounds so sad. Great poem, though. Are you doing ok? You know, the dreams we have as girls are not the same as those we have as women. The dreams fly away because we don't need them anymore. Our dreams constantly evolve and change. Sometimes, had we gotten our first wishes - we would be unhappy about it later. So, dream a new dream.

anonymous mom said...

And although you cannot fly, you can run like the wind to the dream that is truly yours, the attainable happiness that awaits each of us. HaTorah Lo BaShamaim Hee. And neither is happiness. It may not be the happiness we wanted or hoped for, and yet it waits in its own form for each of us--even with whatever challenges we face.
Easier said than done. A life lesson in whose path I slowly hobble myself. But I know it's true because I've seen people with great disappointments find a measure of happiness, new dreams.

Happy Mom of 6 said...

Life happens.

We can dream - but we have to be realistic.

As far as I can tell - no humans were born with wings....

Therefore I am pretty sure that Hashem cannot possibly expect us to fly.

anonymous mom said...

What are you trying to say?

Lakewood Venter said...

I think many dreams were in fact made to be...

Anonymous said...

This poem is so sad, and it has been a long time since a post. Does anyone know what happened?

anonymous mom said...

Would you like to let us know how you are doing? We are worried. Once again, I wish you well.

Frum Jelly Bean said...

A beautiful poem. Yet as the child grows older she may realize that though she has no wings, she can get to where she wants in life without them, and be stronger because of it.

And though we cannot fly, I know many people who soar...