Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Here goes...recently heard

#1 - several hours after a mini pre 'birds and the bees' session:
1: So how does your body know that you are married?
M: You don't need to know that now.
1: No really - tell me - oh I know - It hears the music at the wedding, right?

#2 at the dinner table:
2: we eat with forks
and Chinese people eat with sticks
and Mexicans eat with..ummm SPOONS!

#3 - after M tells him it is time to cut his nails:
3: No don't cut my nails.
M: why?
3: because I have stuff in my hair (dandruff)
M: what does that have to do with your nails?
3: I need the nails to scratch!

#4 - out of the blue
4: when we have another baby we will have to get another mommy.
M: why?
4: to feed him.
M: Why can't I feed him?
4: (exasperated) because you are feeding '6'!

#5 - obsessed about recently turning three
5:: Where are we going?
M: to a party.
5: A party for me?
M: no - a party for a kallah.
5: a party for me a kalla?
M: no - you are not a kalla -silly.
5: why?

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Ayelet said...

These are awesome!