Wednesday, October 18, 2006

weird and painful

8:15 almost everyone is out of the house but #5 doesn't want to go to gan.

8:30 dressed #5 and then dressed the baby.

8:40 get#5 dressed again - she took off her clothes in protest

8:45 walk out the door with #5 and #6 - #5 wants to show the baby to her friends (again...we did this yesterday)
8:50 runs into class - so excited and tells me to leave - with #6 - weird

1:00 - almost time to pick up the kids - a client comes in to approve work that he just sent - the exact same thing he just sent! - he basically drove over to make sure that the email I got was the email he sent - weird.

1:25 running out the door - collide with #4. he is running home - "oh great" - I tell him "go inside and take a cookie-I will be right back - gotta get #5 and #6"

1:26 "NO - I am hungry I want to eat now" and he follows me the whole way to pick up #5 and Then to pick up #6 " Don't be silly - it is hot out and yesterday you cried the whole way beacuse you were huingry - so go in and eat a cookie and rest I will be right back" "NO - I am coming with you!" - screaming and crying the whole way. - weirdo

1:30 Pick up #5 (wave to #2 on the way) and she is so proud of her project - it is a 'passport' - I look inside and the last name written in is not hers. Well this is not the first time the teachers seem to have mixed her up. - I show them and they say - oh yeah the other girl with the same name as your daughter's wasn't here today - so your daughter made 2 and she must have lost the other one. - oh so let me get this straight - you only get to do a project instead of your friend if you have the same first name? - weird

1:32 The teacher then calls out - "oh by the way your dughter was so cute today - her hair was done and she was so clean." - HUH? - weird -
and the whole time over the sounds of #4s crying...

1:36 #6 was glad to see me - and his caretaker said that she added banannas to his diet - oh thanks for asking - and now that she knows that he can tolerate 'real food' I can leave him with her for 3 days if I want. - 3 days? what? - weird

2:00 - I figure chocolate milk would cheer up the masses - #4 still crying - shnitzel in the microwave . always good for smile for #'s4 and 5- #4 still crying - one chocolate chip cookie for each - #4 still crying - tastes the shnitzel - chews swallows - ok so he stopped crying - throws it on the floor and says it is too cold - ok - needs a bit of a reprimand. Put the shnitzel back in the microwave...go to feed#6 - hey where is #5? - found her in the kitchen scooping chocolate milk powder out of the can into her mouth with her hands...weirdo

2:15 finally quiet - #4 goes outside to eat on the swing - #5 manages to trip and close the screen door on her finger at the same time.. ouch
- oh and more screaming..she's going to lose that nail.

later dinnertime

some unexpected guests and a bit of a 'buffet' - everyone eating something else. Time for bed so of course #4 wants what #3 made for himself - (cheese sandwich in the sandwich maker) - ok - but eat quick - sometimes you have to give in to that one...he practically lives on air - wait wasn't he crying in hunger this afternoon - oh nevermind.. the of course #5 wants it too - well she ate plenty already - so the answer was no.
3 minutes later..
screaming from the kitchen - very independant that one...she tried to make it herself..ouch

not really sure what happnend - but I was ready to walk out the door - hear a crash and a yell from the hallway - recognize DH and #3 and hear him say "he just lost a tooth" seems that there was some sort of collision - lots of screaming and a little blood - fat lip and one less tooth - ouch

Enough for one day!
may tomorrow be less weird- painful - and perhaps and bit quieter..


Dovid said...

Well. This was nicely amusing. You sound like you have a good sense of humor and a wonderful family. Thanks for sharing. It brightened my day.

Happy Mom of 6 said...

Dovid - Thanks for stopping by. I try to have a sense of humor - either that or the funny farm...

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Are you sure you weren't over HERE?