Monday, April 16, 2007

cleaning post pesach

A new persepctive -

Those kitchen counters had to be cleared and the sinks empty, in order to change from chametz to pesach and back again - why not try to keep it that way? After finally finishing a week's worth of laundry - I never want to see a dirty laundry pile up again...

For some people this may be the norm - but for me this is a whole new experience..

So my day now consists of:

1-wake up
2-wake kids/get dressed/check dirty laundry
3- feed the baby
4-make breakfast/feed animals
5- wash dishes
6- dress the little ones
7-wipe down counter/table
8- put in a wash
9-get everyone off to school
10 - check laundry
11- sweep kitchen
12 - go to work

13- come home
14- make lunch
15- wash dishes
16- clean up mess from ketchup/sugar/pancake syrup
17- check washing machines
18- sweep from lunch
19- make sure counters are clear
20- play with the kids
21- clean up from/with the kids
22- make lunch again for the stragglers repeat steps 15-19
23- give the kids laundry to put away
24 - start dinner
25 - make sure kids are not being destructive - take away scissors/glue/permanent markers/soup nuts/sugar
26- feed the baby
27- go into the kitchen and check what the big kids did while taking a snack instead of eating the late lunch
28- clean kitchen from their mess
29-check laundry- add little ones undwear/tights/shoes from accident..
30 feed animals
31 try to bathe the little ones
32 serve dinner
33 clear the table
34 everyone to bed
35 dishes
36 kitchen counters..
37 sweep again

Hopefully I stay awake until somewhere around number 31 when I start falling asleep..and then again after 34 when my husband says he is going out to learn..otherwise they just get added to the top of the list...

We will see how long this lasts...Note - no blogging on the list :)

Flylady would be proud - maybe- But I am just exhausted..happy - but exhausted!


Rafi G said...

sounds very busy. I am sure your husband and family must appreciate it...

mother in israel said...

I kept my floor, kitchen and bathrooms quite clean. But I have had to go out each morning this week, and today I also cooked and went out in the evening. I am exhausted. I'm not even pregnant.

Kmelion said...

How old are the kids that they can't be included in more of the chores (like sweeping or washing dishes)?

Happy Mom of 6 said...

rafi g-not sure the kids notice anything - except that I am asking them to pick up everything they put on the floor- my husband - well - He stopped kvetching about the state of the house - so I guess that is as good as a compliment...:)

mother in israel - keeping house is not for wimps! I used to think it was all in organization/routines/habit - not anymore - now I am convinced that it requires sheer physical effort and will power - good luck

kmelion- the oldest is 11 on down to 1 year..There was a time when they all had "chores" I found that I had to do a lot of yelling. I decided to start slow this time around - they each have to help 'tidy up' before daddy comes home - so they are helping- but the clock changed- great weather - the bikes have come out - they come home late from school and I try to get them into bed early... right now I am working on myself- to get myself 'with the program' - but they help and will be helping more. (everyone in the house hated to do this house anyway - but that is for another post!)- thanks for stopping by!

RaggedyMom said...

I'm tired just reading that! I like that the soup nuts and sugar are among the toys! What animals do you guys have that you're feeding?

My favorite feature on our washing machine is that if you pause a load within the first 5 minutes, the door unlocks after a moment and you can add something! Like our own wet accident stash of clothes!